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Melody's Ad Works, Inc.  has served the Temecula Valley for 19 years. Our award-winning campaigns and designs have helped build community centers, day care centers and support the non-profit organizations who add to the quality of life in Temecula.

BUT what about PR 2.0 - New Marketing? Public Relations is MARKETING, and with the new media small businesses can realize large revenues with minimal dollar investment and sweat equity. We've won marketing awards using NEW MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BLOGS AND YOUTUBE. And we did it without buying $7,000-$20,000 applications and "management consultant" contracts. How?

We Learn By Doing - Studying - Surveying, and constant improvement through vigilant observation. We do not believe in READY, SHOOT AIM. We are successful with coordinated, integrated marketing and public relations campaigns that improve your company's relevance, web presence and sales - whether your are an event, a city or a retailer. That's why our clients stay with us - Balloon and Wine 16 years, La Masters of fine Jewelry - 22 years.

President Melody Brunsting has donated hundreds of hours, consulting and promoting organizations such as the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce, served as chairman of the Temecula Chamber of Commerce Building Committee, started the process for the formation of the Temecula Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau and now serves as secretary of the TVCVB board of directors, currently serves on the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony board, and Old Town Temecula Association board, chairman of Temecula Celebrate the Spirit, Temecula Vote Smart Campaign 2001, Temecula CRC, Theatre Foundation, HEART Foundation, Musician's Workshop and the Temecula Town Association. This site is provided free by Melody's Ad Works for the many non-profit organizations in the Temecula Valley. Her firm has also provided the Theater Foundation with a website and management of that site since 2000. She also has donated over $70,000 worth of services to the Foundation since its inception and she served as a founding board member for that organization. Prior to her charitable work for the Foundation, she donated all of her public relations and marketing services to the CRC Foundation, an organization that raised funds for the building of the Temecula Community Recreation Center.

Please visit my website at www.melodysadworks.com.


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Our Most Recent Awards from the 2011  International Festivals & Events Association:

    Gold Pinnacle (top honors) -  

  • Best Media/Press Kit and
  • Most Creative/Effective News Stunt - Glow Stick Record
  • Silver Pinnacle -

    Best Media Relations Campaign


    Best New Promotion


All three award-winning entries were produced by Melody's Ad Works, Inc. of Wildomar, the Festival's Public Relations firm. Melody's Ad Works, Inc. has also produced award-winning marketing campaigins news stunts and media kits  in 2009 and 2010. Melody's Ad Works Inc. has been marketing and promoting the Festival for 16 years.  Email Melody@temeculacalifornia.com



Melodysadworks at work

Volunteers for Melody's Ad Works, - Cal and Dave - hauling a 10-foot ladder up and down the street for photos, with 100-percent humidity.





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